Roto racks, racks that stack, racks with rails front and back. Racks that roll, racks that tilt, racks with shocks load to the hilt. Racks with shelves, racks with drawers, check the features, you will find more.

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4U iSeries Injection Molded Shallow Fly Rack - 9"

Model: 3i-2213M124U
Category: Fly Racks

Shallow Fly Rack frames are 9” deep from rail to rail, providing a great solution for shallow recording interfaces, video switchers, or wireless microphone receivers. All Shallow Fly Rack cases feature TSA locking latches ...

Interior Width: 0.00 in  (0.00 cm)
Interior Height:  0.00 in  (0.00 cm)
Rackable Depth:  9.00 in  (22.86 cm)
Rack Units Total:  4

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4U Removable 30 Inch Shock Rack

Model: 3RR-4U30-25B
Category: Shock Racks

SKB's 30 inch 3RR Series Removable Shock Rack Transport cases are now available in 3 sizes, 3U, 4U, and 5U. These Shock Racks are lightweight, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, heat and chemical resistant, perfect for ...

Interior Width: 19.00 in  (48.26 cm)
Interior Height:  7.00 in  (17.78 cm)
Rackable Depth:  30.00 in  (76.20 cm)
Rack Units Total:  4

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4U iSeries 2317-14 Wireless Mic Fly Rack

Model: 3i-231714WMC
Category: Fly Racks

The 3i-231714WMC 4U Wireless Mic Fly Rack allows for transport of both rack equipment and wireless transmitters all in the same case. This case features a 4U injection molded rack frame with space below for four wireless ...

Exterior Length: 25.75 in (65.41 cm)
Exterior Width: 19.50 in (49.53 cm)
Exterior Depth: 15.50 in (39.37 cm)

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Injection Molded 4U Studio Flyer Rack Case

Model: 1SKB-iSF4U
Category: Rolling Racks

The big brother of the 1SKB-iSF2U! This case features a virtually indestructible, waterproof injection molded shell that is lighter, stronger, and more affordable than the previous 4U Studio Flyer, and includes innovative ...

Interior Width: 0.00 in  (0.00 cm)
Interior Height:  0.00 in  (0.00 cm)
Rackable Depth:  15.00 in  (38.10 cm)
Rack Units Total:  4

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4U iSeries Injection Molded Fly Rack - 13"

Model: 3i-2217M124U
Category: Fly Racks

Featuring both injection molded cases and racks, our improved waterproof Fly Racks are lighter in weight and more affordable than previous models--all without compromising strength or durability. SKB's injection molded rack ...

Interior Width: 17.00 in  (43.18 cm)
Interior Height:  12.75 in  (32.39 cm)
Rackable Depth:  12.75 in  (32.39 cm)
Rack Units Total:  4

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