Here you'll find answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you can't find an answer to your specific question, please be sure to check the individual product pages or submit a support request.

Which case will fit my bow?

Please refer to our How To Measure Your Bow guide, take the needed measurements and give us a call at (800) 654-5992 so we can assist you. Top↑

Do you sell direct?

SKB is a wholesaler, selling direct to retailers and distributors. However, some Sports products are available direct to the public at Please check back frequently to see what new products are available for direct sales! Top↑

Do you make custom cases?

For all custom cases and interiors, we require a minimum of 250 pieces to manufacture. Please refer to our web form to Request a Quote for custom work. Top↑

Where can I get replacement keys?

If you have damaged or misplaced your keys, replacements can be purchased from our online Parts Store at Top↑

Where can I get replacement handles/latches/wheels?

For parts requests, please call SKB Sports Customer Service at (800) 654-5992 ext. 216, or submit a request through our online Support Request form. Top↑

How do I become a dealer of SKB Sports products?

All retailers and distributors interested in selling SKB Sports products can submit a request through our online form Become a Dealer or call SKB Sports Sales at (800) 654-5992 to receive more information. Top↑

What is the difference between "Airline Approved" and "ATA Rated"?

Most airline and TSA regulations specify a hard-sided and locking container for transporting archery and firearm equipment on an airplane.* Every hard-sided SKB case falls into this category and in that respect is "Airline Approved." The term "ATA rated" refers specifically to cases manufactured by SKB that meet or exceed the ATA (Airline Transportation Association) specification 300, category 1 rating. This specification establishes a stringent standard for transport container design, ensuring the product's ability to withstand a minimum of 100 trips by air. In terms of warranty, SKB's ATA rated cases offer an unconditional lifetime warranty and $1500 content coverage against damage incurred while traveling on an airline. "Airline Approved" cases that are not "ATA rated" are not built specifically to withstand airline handling, and are therefore not covered by either SKB's lifetime warranty or content coverage warranty. * Policies regarding checked and carry-on baggage are constantly changing, so be sure to check your local airport, airline, and TSA regulations to ensure you are up to date regarding current restrictions and requirements. Top↑