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iSeries Roland VR-4HD AV Mixer Case

Model: 3i-1510-6VR4
Category: Video Cases

The 3i-1510-6VR4 features a high quality foam interior that has been form cut to fit the Roland VR-4HD AV Mixer. There is a large accessory pocket (11.25" x 6.75" x 1.5") located below the mixer to hold the power supply and ...

Interior Length: 15.00 in (38.10 cm)
Interior Width: 10.50 in (26.67 cm)
Interior Depth: 6.00 in (15.24 cm)

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iSeries Roland V-1HD+ Switcher Case

Model: 3i-1706-6V1
Category: Video Cases

The 3i-1706-6V1 was developed specifically for the Roland V-1HD+ Switcher. It features dense precut foam to hold the switcher in place, with a notch for easy removal. There are also two cutouts for accessories like the power ...

Interior Length: 17.00 in (43.18 cm)
Interior Width: 6.50 in (16.51 cm)
Interior Depth: 6.50 in (16.51 cm)

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iSeries 2424-10 Mac Pro Tower Case

Model: 3i-2424-MACP
Category: Laptop & Desktop Cases

The 3i-2424-MACP has been designed especially to accommodate a Mac Pro Tower (2019 or later models), with room for a keyboard with numeric keypad, track pad 2, mouse, and all necessary cables. This waterproof iSeries case ...

Exterior Length: 26.50 in (67.31 cm)
Exterior Width: 26.54 in (67.41 cm)
Exterior Depth: 15.65 in (39.75 cm)

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iSeries Canon XA11 Camcorder Case

Model: 3i-1510-6XA
Category: Video Cases

The iSeries 3i-1510-6XA features a high quality foam interior that has been form cut to fit the Canon XA11, XA15, XA40, or XA45 camcorder with additional pockets for two batteries (either BP-820 or BP-828), two memory cards, ...

Exterior Length: 16.24 in (41.25 cm)
Exterior Width: 12.94 in (32.87 cm)
Exterior Depth: 6.78 in (17.22 cm)

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iSeries Canon XF405 / XF400 Camcorder Case

Model: 3i-1610-10XF
Category: Video Cases

The iSeries 3i-1610-10XF features a custom, high quality foam interior that's been form cut to accommodate the Canon XF405 or XF400 camcorder with additional pockets for two batteries (BP-828), two memory cards, remote, power ...

Exterior Length: 17.38 in (44.15 cm)
Exterior Width: 12.54 in (31.85 cm)
Exterior Depth: 11.68 in (29.67 cm)

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