When we take on OEM/custom projects, our ability ranges from a simple logo on the top of the lid to an intricate custom interior with color options. Here are some of the custom projects we have developed over the past decade. These are not for sale for proprietary reasons. If you like what you see and are interested in having us work on a similar project for your company, you may request a quote through our online Request Quote form.

Custom Glock Pistol Case

Company: Glock, Inc
Industry: Guns And Ammunition

Project: Glock needed a custom case for their sales team to easily transport and showcase their pistols. This case interior features 8 cutouts for pistols, 16 cut outs for magazine clips, and a logo cut out in the lid.

Vanquish Sniper Rifle Case

Company: Nemesis Arms, Inc
Industry: Guns And Ammunition

Project: Nemesis Arms was seeking a custom case for their new sniper rifle that would meet military standards for corrosion resistance and impermeability. So SKB designed an intricate multilayered interior by using our water jet cutting machine to maximize space efficiency and careful placement of its various components. Both the bottom portion and the lid were utilized in this set up.