SKB hardcover professional pedalboards are designed to accommodate a wide range of pedals and configurations from the compact non-powered 1SKB-PS-15NP to the amazingly versatile 1SKB-PS-55 stagefive® Professional Pedal Management system.

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Think Tank Soft Bag w/1SKB-PB1712 Pedalboard

Model: 1SKB-1712TPB
Category: Pedalboards

The 1SKB-1712TPB includes a 1SKB-PB1712 Injection Molded Non-powered Pedalboard bundled with a Think Tank-designed soft bag. The pedalboard measures 17.67" x 12.37" and features a unique under-mounting surface that allows for ...

Exterior Length: 19.75 in (50.17 cm)
Exterior Width: 15.00 in (38.10 cm)
Exterior Depth: 7.00 in (17.78 cm)

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