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Two Guitars - One Case For Check-in!

Two Guitars - One Case For Check-in!

August 12, 2010

I just thought you might be interested in a little story about your SKB keyboard case. I always appreciate a great product, and have rarely lent my name for an endorsement, but if you find it at all useful you may freely use my name in association with this product. I am endorsed by various other companies. I'm not looking for anything, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the case and pass on my unique conversion which holds my Strat and a Gibson Les Paul Jr. ( or Ovation Breadwinner laying the other way).

Since the change in airline check-in policy, I've found the need for a double guitar case. I travel the world from Brazil to Japan and New Zealand to Finland so need a rugged case for my guitars. Someone at guitar center in San Francisco suggested one of your keyboard cases, so I purchased the 1SKB-5014W ATA 76 Note Keyboard case and set out to converting it into a double guitar case. It has performed superbly over the last 5 years and been the envy of many touring guitarists. Almost everywhere I go opening bands ask where they can buy one and I have to tell them it is an SKB keyboard case that I converted. I thought this might be something you might like to market in light of the tighter check-in rules. (We'll look into it for future products and definitely let you know).

This is the best photo I have right now - we're going out on a USA tour and then 20 countries across Europe starting in February. That will be the 6th time around the world for your amazing keyboard case; perhaps 20 or more flights, ships,and truck deliveries in the freezing cold (30 in eastern Europe and 4 feet of snow two years ago in the arctic circle in northern Norway). The case has also endured scorching heat (South America, Arizona LA etc.), and it performs as new! The wheels work great still and apart from surface abrasions from being thrown about by baggage handlers the case still performs perfectly.

Nicky Garratt

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