SKB Launches New Keyboard Soft Cases

November 24, 2010
Orange, CA – SKB Corporation continues to expand the case options for keyboardists by introducing a line of keyboard soft cases. The soft case series includes five different sizes: 61-note keyboards (1SKB-SC61KW), Arranger Workstations (1SKB-SC61AKW), 76-note keyboards (1SKB-SC76KW), 88-note narrow... Read Full Story »

SKB Expands The 3I Injection Molded Cases

November 24, 2010
Orange, CA – SKB Corporation continues to expand the ever popular 3i series of Injection molded, water tight cases with the introduction of the 3i-2918-10 in the empty (-E) and cubed foam (-C) versions. The 3i-2918-10 has interior dimensions of 29" x 18" x 10.85" with the base being 8.85" deep and ... Read Full Story »

Transport The Numark NS7FX In Style

November 23, 2010
Orange, CA – SKB Corporation announces a case to transport the popular Numark NS7FX Performance DJ controller. The 1SKB-SCNS7FX is a “soft case” that fits the NS7FX performance software controller, NSFX effects controller, laptop and laptop stand.The interior of the 1SKB-SCNS7FX is fully lined EPS ... Read Full Story »

Crack The Hardshell Case

February 26, 2010
As seen in March issue of DJ TimesUsers of the Rane Serato Scratch Life Professional DJ system can now store their gear in SKB's ei-1914-SER hardshell case. Its foam interior has been custom designed to store a Rane TTM 57L mixer in the lower level and a laptom in the uppler level. Thre are two ... Read Full Story »

Rack Case Ideal For Computer Based Audio And DJs

February 25, 2010
SKB Corporation has added two new products that are sure to make DJs and audio engineers very happy. Introducing the 1SKB-R104 Rack case and the 1SKB-AV8 shelf!The 1SKB-R104 is a 10U slanted top and 4U front, rack case that features steel threaded rails, hard lid and doors, side access ports (for ... Read Full Story »

New Band Instrument Soft Cases From SKB

January 19, 2010
SKB Corporation, the leader in transportation solutions, announces new band instrument soft cases. Expanding on the thirty two years of innovative hardshell instrument cases, SKB expands case offerings with four new “soft sided” cases. The 1SKB-SC325 Cornet case, 1SKB-SC330 Trumpet case, 1SKB-SC340 ... Read Full Story »

SKB Expands Foot Controller Soft Case Line

January 19, 2010
ORANGE, CA - SKB Corporation has added another new foot controller soft case to their line of soft cases. The 1SKB-SC2111 is designed to fit all-in-one effects floor boards (BOSS GT-10, Digitech RP1000, Line6 X3 Live, Vox Tonelab LE and many more) as well as MIDI foot controllers (Roland FC300, ... Read Full Story »

Now Shipping Hardshell Case For Rane Serato Scratch Live

January 14, 2010
ORANGE, CA – SKB Corporation, a leader in transportation solutions, announces the availability of a hardshell case custom designed for the Rane Serato Scratch Live Professional DJ system.The 3i-1914-SER case is based on SKB’s award winning 3i Industrial strength, MIL-Spec, water tight case line. ... Read Full Story »

New Ultimate Guitar Case From SKB

January 14, 2010
In 1990, SKB Corporation revolutionized the case industry with the introduction of the first molded rack case. Now, SKB is revolutionizing the industry again with the first INJECTION molded guitar case! While everyone else is trying to figure out how to make a quality vacuum formed or a wood case, ... Read Full Story »

SKB Launches New Mic Case Line

January 8, 2010
SKB Corporation announces a new line of injection molded mic cases that will house a variety of the most popular mics. The 3i-0907-MC6 holds six mics in a very compact case while the 3i-2011-MC16 holds 16 mics stored vertically and the 3i-2015-MC24 stores 24 mics in a rolling case. The new line is ... Read Full Story »