SKB Corporation Launches SKB Europe

November 21, 2011
Orange, CA – With the evolving European markets and the expansion of products in new categories, SKB Corporation announces the January 2012 opening of SKB Europe as the central distribution point in the European Union for the Music Pro A/V, Industrial and Sporting Goods divisions.“There exists a ... Read Full Story »

SKB Introduces The World's First Amplified Pedalboard

June 20, 2011
SKB Corporation has been known for innovative guitar pedalboards for more than 18 years. The latest innovation is the 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote – the very first amplified pedalboard. Featuring a built-in 5W combo amp, designed by legendary amp designer Gary Sunda and a 6" Eminence® speaker, the 1SKB-FN-8 ... Read Full Story »

The Evolution Of The Gig Rig Continues...

June 10, 2011
The Gig Rig series has set the standard for mixer/rack cases for more than 15 years. The 4th Generation Gig Rig raises the bar yet again. Based on the 1SKB19-R1406 Mighty Gig Rig design, the 1SKB19-R1208 Gig Rig provides more versatility than previous generation Gig Rigs. Roto-molded of Linear ... Read Full Story »

I-Series Injection Molded Case Line Expands

June 10, 2011
SKB Corporation announces the addition of four new i-series injection molded cases. With these additional sizes the i-series now includes 22 different injection molded cases that provides a variety of solutions for customers seeking waterproof, yet lightweight cases. All of the new i-series ... Read Full Story »

50" - 55" LCD Transport Case

June 10, 2011
Untitled Document Based on the overwhelming success of the 3SKB-2026 and 3SKB-3237 Roto LCD screen cases, SKB Corporation has expanded the LCD case offering with the 3SKB-5055 LCD Transport case. Like the other cases in the series, the 3SKB-5055 LCD screen case is rotationally... Read Full Story »

SKB Expands DJ/Audio Rack Cases

January 11, 2011
Orange, CA – As a follow up to the overwhelming success of the 1SKB-R104 10x4 rack case, SKB announces the availability of the larger version, the 1SKB-R106 10x6 rack case and the 1SKB-R1906 6U Roller Case.The 1SKB-R106 is a 10U slanted top and 6U front, rack case that features steel threaded rails,... Read Full Story »

SKB’s Watertight Bass Case – It Floats!

January 10, 2011
Orange, CA – SKB Corporation follows up last January’s introduction of the first INJECTION molded guitar cases with new watertight electric bass cases. Two models are available: the 3i-5014-44 with an interior silhouette for P/J style bodies and the 3i-5014-OP with an open cavity design ... Read Full Story »

Waterproof Cases For Handheld Recorders

January 10, 2011
Orange, CA – What do you get when you cross an injection molded case and a water jet foam cutting machine? The best customized cases for products on the planet. SKB announces the availability of a line of custom 3i Injection molded hardshell cases that include custom foam interiors for the popular ... Read Full Story »

New Controller Soft Cases

January 7, 2011
Orange, CA – SKB Corporation announces an expansion of the popular controller soft case line. Three new sizes join the 1SBN-SC2111 and 1SKB-SC2709 soft cases – 1SKB-SC1913 (19” x 13” x 3”), 1SKB-SC2311 (22.75” x 11” 3.625”), and 1SKB-SC3212 (32” x 12” x 3.5”).All controller cases consist of rigid ... Read Full Story »

SKB Launches New Drum Soft Cases

January 5, 2011
Orange, CA – SKB Corporation announces an entirely new line of drum cases that provide the convenience of gig bags but with more protection. The new line of Drum Soft cases have a Polyurethane inner wall that gives the sides more ridgid construction and adds additional content protection. The ... Read Full Story »