Register Your New SKB-PS-55 Stagefive™ Pedalboard And Win!

November 19, 2007
Register your new stagefive™ Pedalboard and be eligible to enter the monthly stagefive™ Professional Pedal Management System Contest. The new SKB-PS-55 stagefive™ Professional Pedal Management System has been designed to accommodate any possible configuration of pedals and we would like to showcase ... Read Full Story »

Two New LCD Protective Transport Cases Shipping In November!

October 30, 2007
SKB Corporation develops two additional sizes of cases for transporting and protecting LCD screens. These new LCD cases will be available for shipping by late November 2007. The 3SKB-2026 LCD case and the 3SKB-3237 LCD case are rotationally molded of LLDPE Polyethylene for strength and ... Read Full Story »

Studio Flyer Goes Coast To Coast

August 8, 2007
It's a perfect carry-on fit - now you can travel with a complete laptop recording studio right in the overhead bin. That's efficient design, that's SKB!... Read Full Story »

SKB's Watertight Cases Survive The South Pole

August 6, 2007
Pictures really do speak louder than words when it comes to describing some feats.Scientists used SKB 3I and 3R Series of watertight cases when transporting their cameras and delicate testing equipment to Antartica. The exploration team blasted a 6 foot deep hole in the ice cap to search for one ... Read Full Story »

Now Performing On Stagefive!

July 26, 2007
SKB has responded to the needs of working musicians again with their innovative new SKB-PS-55 stagefive Professional Pedalboard which will be introduced this July in Austin, Texas. "The SKB-PS-55 stagefive electronics have been designed to accommodate any possible configuration of pedals. With ... Read Full Story »

Multiple Section Rolling Rackmount System With SKB’s New SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe

July 26, 2007
SKB Corporation’s design engineers have solved the dilemma of transporting a rolling rackmount system that will fit in the back of your car with introduction of their new SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe and the SKB19-R3224W Roto Molded Skid and Wheel Set. The SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe is a multiple part system that... Read Full Story »

Top Shelf Quality

July 26, 2007
Another convenience for the new SKB19-R1406 Mighty GigRig and the new SKB19-R1400 GigSafe Rolling Rackmount Systems: the SKB-AV14 Audio Video Shelf. The new SKB-AV14 features a 16.5” x 16” shelf on a hinged anodized steel bracket that attaches to the top two units of the SKB19-1406 Mighty Gig Rig... Read Full Story »

New Traditional 000 Acoustic Guitar Case From SKB

July 25, 2007
SKB Corporation has expanded their guitar case coverage with the introduction of the new SKB-000 Acoustic Guitar case. The plush lined molded interior of the new SKB-000 sized Acoustic Guitar case was developed to fit the thinner body with full length neck support to cradle the vintage V-neck, ... Read Full Story »

SG Type And ESP Viper Guitar Protection From SKB!

July 25, 2007
SKB Corporation has completed the re-design of the SKB-61 SG Type Guitar case to incorporate the new technologies and features that were introduced in January 2007 to their Deluxe Guitar Line. The SKB-61 SG Type Guitar case has a new plush lined, molded interior that will accommodate all Gibson and ... Read Full Story »

SKB Boosts Amp Transport

July 24, 2007
Introducing the new SKB-R112 AUV 1x12 Combo Amp Utility Vehicle which offers the same protection and convenience as the legendary SKB-710, 2x12 AUV. Measuring 25.5” L x 12.25” W x 22” H the new SKB-R112 AUV case will accommodate most of today’s popular 1x12” amplifiers. The SKB-R112 AUV 1x12 ... Read Full Story »