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Allen & Heath SQ5 Rack Ears

Model: 1SKB-RE-SQ5

These steel rack ears are designed specially to fit the Allen & Heath mixer into the 1SKB-R100 or the 1SKB19-R1406 Mighty GigRig.

The rack ears will allow the mixer to sit lower into the case, which enables the user to ...

Series:  Rack Accessories

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Roto and Shallow Rack Caster Platform

Model: 1SKB-RCB

Roto molded caster board with 4" locking wheels for stacking and moving SKB's Roto Molded, Shallow Roto Racks and Standard Racks for convenient transportation.

The Roto Caster Board includes durable cinch straps that ...

Series:  Rack Accessories

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A/V Shelf for Mighty GigRig

Model: 1SKB-AV14

The SKB-AV14 Audio Video Shelf features a 16.5" x 16" shelf on a hinged anodized steel bracket that attaches to the top two units of the SKB19-R1406 Mighty GigRig or the SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe. With a convenient hook and loop ...

Series:  Rack Accessories
Interior Width: 16.00 in  (40.64 cm)
Interior Height:  1.00 in  (2.54 cm)

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8 Space Audio Video Shelf

Model: 1SKB-AV8

The AV-8 is an 8U retractable shelf designed to be used with our 1SKB-R102, 1SKB-R104, 1SKB-R106 and 1SKB19-R1208 products. Not only is the AV-8 a great accessory/add-on for those products, but also can be mounted to any slant ...

Series:  Rack Accessories

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Hook and Loop Fastener Shelf

Model: 1SKB-VS-1

Be creative with this rackmount pull-out shelf. Cushioned heavy-duty Hook and Loop Fastener surface will hold hundreds of different gizmos and gadgets.

Series:  Rack Accessories
Interior Width: 14.50 in  (36.83 cm)
Interior Height:  2.50 in  (6.35 cm)
Rack Units Total:  2

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